Motion Design

Chappie  Title Sequence

A title sequence for the movie Chappie. Designed in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.


This animation is based on a poem called Mtziry by Mikhail Lermontov. Visual metaphors are used to show the feeling of fear. Created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

"And very slowly, just like they,
I turned my head to meet the day...
I looked around; I must confess:
The horror took away my breath;
I had been resting on the verge
Of the abyss; an angry surge
Was howling, swirling in its gorge;
I felt some evil could emerge
By climbing up the rocky steps
That led into its horrid depths."

This is a group project about some vegetables having a good time. My part was to animate in After Effects.

Veggie Pool Party

This animation was made to look like the end of a movie trailer for The Golden Compass film when the title is revealed. It was created in Cinema 4D.

The Golden Compass

The world is flat. It rests on top of three elephants which stand on a turtle. According to Hindu mythology. Created with Cinema 4D.

World Turtle