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Motion Design

World Turtle

The world is flat. It rests on top of three elephants which stand on a turtle. According to Hindu mythology. Created with Cinema 4D.

Veggie Pool Party

This is a group project about some vegetables having a good time. My part was to animate in After Effects.

The Golden Compass

This animation was made to look like the end of a movie trailer for The Golden Compass film when the title is revealed. It was created in Cinema 4D.

Chappie  Title Sequence

A title sequence for the movie Chappie. Designed in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.


This animation is based on a poem called Mtziry by Mikhail Lermontov. Visual metaphors are used to show the feeling of fear. Created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

"And very slowly, just like they,
I turned my head to meet the day...
I looked around; I must confess:
The horror took away my breath;
I had been resting on the verge
Of the abyss; an angry surge
Was howling, swirling in its gorge;
I felt some evil could emerge
By climbing up the rocky steps
That led into its horrid depths."

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